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The product review system has been reopened, welcome to review our toys

The product review system has been reopened, welcome to review our toys

DSDC SHOP's second anniversary welfare event 1

🎉【DSDCSHOP Second Anniversary Benefit 1】Free Shopping Vouchers💰 and DSDC SHOP Photography Contest📸Now Starts🎉
DSDC SHOP is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. In the past two years, we have sold more than 100 officially branded toys to nearly a thousand players in 16 countries. In order to thank fans for their support, we have prepared a wealth of free gifts for everyone, waiting for your participation. 🎁
You will have the opportunity to get mall vouchers worth 100~500 Hong Kong dollars provided by DSDC SHOP mall for free💰

The event will end on [November 25, 2023], and the winners and related photography works will be published on Instagram

How to participate:
1️⃣Follow @dsdcshop
2️⃣Tag at least 1 friend under the photography you posted 📸
3️⃣You and your friends must follow @dsdcshop

Photo content:
Take photos of toys from any brand registered in DSDC SHOP 📸 (There are no restrictions on shooting themes and product styles. For registered brands, please see the brand wall at the bottom of the official mall)

Step 1: Social Media Post
Post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and tag @dsdcshop and write what you want to say

Step 2: Send email to: marketing@dsdcshop.com
Email format:
Email title: DSDC SHOP Photography Contest Entry
1. Upload your photo
2. Write what you wanted to express when you took this photo

winner category
-Best Photo (1 winner)
-Creative photos (3 winners)
-Outstanding Photos (6 winners)

Prizes for each category:
-500 HKD mall voucher (best photo)
-300 HKD mall voucher (creative photo)
-100 HKD mall voucher (excellent photo)

*Mall vouchers can be used at checkout for subsequent purchases of any type of toys at DSDC SHOP
*The winning mall voucher will be bound to the DSDC SHOP account and cannot be transferred.
*Please post original photography, please do not steal pictures. If you are found to have stolen pictures, you will be disqualified as a lieutenant general.
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